Welcome to China Gate, a leading force in the world of shipping and trading.

China Gate - The Right Shipping Decisions

Welcome to China Gate, a leading force in the world of shipping and trading.

We are a team of four brothers with a passion for international relations and a mission to connect the world through efficient and reliable shipping services.

With 15 years of experience in the GCC market, we have become a trusted source for all your shipping needs. Our aim is to expand our horizons and become a multinational company with hubs around the globe, making shipments accessible to everyone..

Trusted sourcing from renowned chinese suppliers

We offer a comprehensive sourcing solution, scouring the market for the best products, clients, suppliers, and investors. With a focus on quality, value, and customer satisfaction, we guarantee that your shipment will be of the highest standard and delivered on time.

Our branches spread all across China

Inspection and
quality control

Ensure that your shipment meets the quality standards you expect with our on-site inspection services. We inspect all products before shipment to ensure that they comply with your requirements and expectations.

Worldwide shipping through sea, rail and air

Experience a hassle-free door-to-door shipment with China Gate. We take care of customs clearance and legal papers, ensuring that your shipment arrives on time and in the best possible condition. Choose our shipping package with or without quality control and inspection services.

Securely entrust us with your logistics

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Ship Anything Anywhere

Here are some of the products that we shipped to our clients:

  • Shoes & Bags
  • Boxed Goods Non-Palletized
  • Any Non-Perishable Boxed Goods
  • Any Parcel Shipment
  • Appliances & Electronics
  • Furniture & Constructions
  • Medical Freight
  • Agricultural Products
  • Cars and Equipment
  • Anything Legal

Start-ups push

Give your business the boost it needs with our start-up package. Our top-tier interior designers will design and set up your office, providing you with everything you need to start, grow, and succeed. We also offer custom products at the best prices, so you can focus on your business and let us handle the rest.

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